We offer the following services:



The first thing the editor does is to establish and understand the author’s unique ‘voice’. It is important that the editor respects this ‘voice’ or style of writing, and does not change it or interfere with it.

Once that is determined, the editor performs a detailed edit on punctuation, spelling and grammar, assesses the content for clarity and the structure for flow, and makes changes where necessary. Editing will be done using the ‘Track Changes’ function in MS Word. The author will be able to see all changes made by the editor, and has the power to override any or all changes.


Layout is performed by a professional, in InDesign or MS Word, considering whether the book will be an ebook or printed book or both, and whether it is destined for Amazon.


You will need a blurb for marketing purposes, to place on websites and for the back cover of your book. We will assist you with its preparation.


Authors often use quotations from books, songs and poems, as well as photos and similar material, that actually belong to other people. It is important to obtain permission to use these items – sometimes a fee will be requested by the owner or sometimes they merely ask that their work be correctly acknowledged. We will assist with this.

Cover design

Your cover should look professional and eye-catching. It must be clear even when reduced to thumbnail size on a screen or tablet. The cover will be designed by an experienced professional.


We will obtain your International Standard Book Number (ISBN).


We will liaise with the printer if you require books to be printed, considering cost-efficiency versus style and colour.

Conversion to ebook

Your ebook can be prepared in PDF, MOBI, EPUB.

Publishing on Amazon

We are registered with Amazon and will create your ebook and/or print-book with them if you decide to go that route. Sales through Amazon will be reflected on a monthly basis and royalties will be paid in South Africa.

Publishing proposal

In the event that you want to go the commercial publisher route, we will help to compose your publishing proposal and will assist you in identifying a suitable publisher according to the genre of your book.