Freedom & Wealth Creation: the missing subject in our schools by S’phelele Shangase


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This is a tremendously inspiring book by a young entrepreneur who has overcome serious adversity in life. 

Whether you are a student, politician, employee, entrepreneur, or even unemployed, Freedom and Wealth Creation has a valuable message for you. You will never look at anything the same way after reading this book, be it politics, race, education, religion, or economy. S’phelele objectively presents a unique and fresh perspective on these divisive issues by introducing us to his concepts of circles of separation and ultimate truth. 

“Lack of understanding of circles of separation is the root cause of almost all the unhappiness, social divisions, and loss of personal freedom in our societies. The key to freedom (especially mental freedom) is to understand the circles of separation and to grasp the ultimate truth” (S’phelele).

The book also shares with you the secrets of successfully managing your personal finances. S’phelele uses financial robots to highlight three financial stages we all go through at different phases of our lives. He then introduces the farmer’s formula to demonstrate how one can turn an unhealthy financial situation around. 

This book has the power to change your life. Read it to achieve financial well-being and personal freedom.

“You can read a glossy textbook on education and wealth-creation or you can read a life, in this case, of an extraordinary South African who battles through grinding poverty and great hardship to achieve his qualification and build a business against all odds. What S’phelele Shangase’s life story demonstrates so powerfully is that there are millions of impoverished but talented youth whose potential can be unleashed by the simple, human act of removing just one of the many hurdles that stand in the way of productive and fulfilling lives. His common sense approach to education and entrepreneurship is the real “Life Oreintation” the school curriculum so desperately needs.”
– Professor Jonathan Jansen
Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University (Former Rector and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State).