FLOW: how to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones by Brenda Eckstein


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This book is aimed at anyone who enjoys reading positive stories that can be applied to their own lives. Based on the author’s personal experiences it shows how we can use stories to get our message across whether addressing a large audience or holding a conversation with one person. It is written so that it may be read for interest or used as a workbook for self-coaching. It shows how through reading someone else’s stories, readers can develop their own insights, meaning and action plans for self-improvement.
Just as buildings in former times were often centred around a strong foundation with an emphasis on the cornerstones, this series of books is built around cornerstones. The framework includes F-L- A-G-S elements (Flow, Lead, Advance, Grow, Serve). This, the first book, shows you how to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones through using a positive, FLOW approach. This is a term coined by Positive Psychology and shows a state where challenge and skills meet. Readers are challenged to enhance their skills through reading, reflecting, finding meaning and developing action plans.